Sharing my life and passions.

Sharing my life and passions.

Confessions of a Fantasy Football Master: Know What I Know!?

Welcome to my blog about being a Fantasy Football Master

To become a Fantasy Football Master, like myself, first and foremost it takes a lot of time. You can’t just read a couple of articles and go off some ranking sheet and think you’ll be fine. It takes experience, it takes losing, it takes a lot of research, and it takes knowledge of the game and a natural instinct for what to expect.

In doing research it’s important to find just one or two sources to decide to trust, but no more than three. You don’t want to have too many sources because they begin to contradict each other and it will make your draft decisions and weekly decisions more difficult.

When you think about where it all starts for a Fantasy Football Master it’s in the off-season. The most important thing in preparing for the upcoming season is the draft. There are multiple strategies in drafting. The importance of different players and positions will vary based on the league settings, but I still suggest reading up on the different strategies. You can find free articles before and during the season on many sites, but I suggest starting with ESPN and Rotoworld.

Besides acquiring multiple championships and being a perennial playoff contender, like myself, there is one thing that makes a person a Fantasy Football Master above all else and that is a good sense of humor. It’s not as if a championship is some kind of Defining Moment.

Fantasy Football Master

Whether you’re good or bad, have injuries or keep getting lucky, at some point you will be the target of someone’s “funny” email and hopefully you will be targeting others. And when you’re down you will be making a lot of excuses, like I was to my brother this past weekend. Trying to play fantasy football while being a student definitely added to my JMU experience. Let me know what you guys think!

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