Sharing my life and passions.

Sharing my life and passions.

I Learned So Much About Internet Marketing In A Semester!

Using Google Analytics

Internet Marketing in a semesterIn using Google Analytics I was able to observe some interesting trends about my site. Out of 294 visits I had 210 unique visitors to my site with only a 3.74% bounce rate. There were a lot more visitors from my PPC efforts (80 visits) than my SEO efforts (14 visits).

Surprisingly, there were 53 visits from social media links. It was nice to see 30% of my visits came from links other entities provided to my site, which was made up of classmates, my professor, social media profiles, and 2 other external links.

Using Google Webmaster Tools

In using Google Webmaster Tools I was able to learn so much about my site. Through my efforts during Internet Marketing in a semester I was able to gather a lot of useful information about my site using Webmaster Tools. This is very important for Internet Marketers. They are able to gather a lot of information about what is working well and what isn’t on their site, as well as detect any problems and see who might have provided links to their site.

There are 11 links to my site, primarily from my professor and classmates. There are no malware issues with my sight and only 1 crawl error. The two most significant keywords on my site are rice and JMU.

What I learned about Internet Marketing In A Semester

I never thought I would have learned so much about Internet Marketing in a semester. It completely changed my views towards Internet Marketing. I used to think that Internet Marketing was mainly for e-commerce, but now realize how important it is for any internet entity. Internet Marketing is more like a set of rules to follow so people can find you and the different avenues to do so. The course really opened my mind to social media as well.

The Future of My Site

I will always be thankful for MKTG 470 at JMU, what I learned about Internet Marketing in a semester, and adding to my JMU experience. It provided me a platform to create a personal site for myself going forward. I have every intention of keeping my site for the foreseeable future as a professional profile, as well as a chance to share my thoughts through blog posts. I never thought that I would write a blog and now I look forward to blogging in the future. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve learned.

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