Sharing my life and passions.

Sharing my life and passions.

JMU Experience

My JMU Experience

JMU-experienceWhat do I love about my JMU experience? I often refer to JMU as a magical bubble of happiness to my friends back home. The natural landscape of the valley between the two mountain ranges is so beautiful and peaceful. Whenever you’re having a rough day all you need to do is look around and be put at ease.



JMU experience

The JMU campus itself is beautiful. Walking around campus is so peaceful, and because of the hills it can also be a workout sometimes. The student body is so easy to be around that you can plop down almost anywhere to take a break, but the most popular resting stop by far would be the quad.

jmu experience

The students, the faculty, and the town’s people are all so nice and down to earth. It is very easy to get lost in our own little world here in the valley. If you didn’t turn on the news you’d never know what was going on outside of Harrisonburg.

When thinking about my JMU experience I definitely can’t forget about the passion JMU students have for their sports. JMU students really know how to show their support and we love our football team! JMU experience

Besides this happy bubble we live in there is an amazing academic program to be proud to be a part of as well. JMU takes pride in the fact that it is a teaching university. It is a rare and exceptional accomplishment to be ranked as high as JMU is and have its primary mission be to teach.

Many schools focus on research and grants that they lose sight of their purpose and all though they may still be ranked even higher than JMU the students end up getting taught by TA’s (teachers assistants) and are lucky if they ever get any one on one time with their professors. Getting personal time with my professors and being able to pick their brains has been a vital part of my JMU experience.

Part of my JMU experience is that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to attend a top 20 business school in the country that both the academic and private industry hold in high regard. There is a difference between learning from having your nose in your books and learning from professors who care to teach and spend time with their students and when we graduate we are all the better for it.

As I think about how I will be gone in only a couple of months, as I graduate this December, it makes me think about the friends I have made and the effect they have had on my JMU experience. Every single one of us have a different experience and I encourage you to check out my friends Laura’s and Linden’s page to hear about theirs.

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