Sharing my life and passions.

Sharing my life and passions.

My Vision: The Style and Reasoning Behind My New Site Theme

Welcome to my blog about my new site theme

My new site theme is called “Easy” and is created by D5 Creation. The color, contrast between dark and light, layout, and theme matched what I was looking for perfectly.

I hope to take advantage of and utilize the skills I learn in my MKTG 470 course at JMU. to create a site as my online professional profile. I intend to keep my site active after the course and to continue to use the site professionally. That is why I chose my new site theme.

I was looking for a theme that had a professional feel without feeling generic, and something with few and subtle colors while retaining an elegant contrast. I also wanted a new site theme that had all of the same features as the Delicate theme we had been working with so that the transition would be seamless.

After installing the new site theme everything I had already programmed into the previous theme transitioned right over. All menus, links, and widgets were in the same exact place and all worked just as intended. The only loss was my header image.

The header image was replaced by the creators custom image. This was alright since I had intended on replacing this image and did so with the white cursive image of my name in the top left corner of the header.

Darioush Michael Etemad

Other than that I couldn’t have asked for a more seamless transition and I’m really happy with my choice. I look forward to tapping the full potential of my site and creating a site to be proud of. Creating this site has definitely added to my JMU experience. I welcome any thoughts or feedback on what you might think!

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