Sharing my life and passions.

Sharing my life and passions.

How I Fully Optimized A Web Page

How I optimized a web page using the key phrase “JMU experience”

The first thing I did when I optimized a web page is focus on my on-page SEO factors. I made sure that the key phrase “JMU experience” appeared in the Title tag, description tag, URL (, Header tags, image file names and ALT tags, Link Text, and the Body Copy. Within the body copy I made sure the key phrase was listed once in bold, once in italic, and at least once in standard text.

For my off-page strategies I took a few approaches to link building. First I created two separate reciprocal links between the page I was optimizing and the page my friends were optimizing.

social-media-marketingI also took to social media. This was another method I used when I optimized a web page. I posted to Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, and twitter regularly asking people to checkout and share my link. I also asked through social media for people to re-post my links and to include in their blogs if they had any. This garnered a lot of attention to my site resulting in a lot of Facebook “likes”.

When I first started this assignment my page didn’t show up in the top 20 pages of Google and now appears as the 10th result on the 4th page. Using HubSpot’s Marketing Grader my page originally scored a 52 and increased to a score of 74 marking an outstanding increase of 22 points in a short period of time.

Since October 22 Webmaster tools shows and increase of 400% in impressions and Google Analytics only shows a bounce rate of 4.01% out of 274 visitors.  The Crawler FX report gave me a score of 38 but showed I was doing outstanding in all the areas that I listed above. I believe as long as I follow these steps my organic rankings will continue to rise with time. Let me know what you think or comment on how you optimized a web page. I would love to hear about your experiences below.

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